It’s never too early or too late for good financial planning! And there’s no substitute for unbiased, objective, professional advice.

We help clients arrive at answers to some of life’s most pressing financial questions, like:

  • How can we manage our finances more effectively?
  • Should I invest in an RRSP or pay down the mortgage?
  • I’ve just received a severance package. How do I handle the proceeds?
  • How can we pay for our children’s education?
  • Are we paying too much tax?
  • Can we afford to retire? When?
  • How should we undertake estate planning right now?

Developing good financial habits and a sound plan for your future is the first step towards taking control of your financial life, and independent fee-for-service financial planning is the best way to be sure you’re not getting advice that’s really a sales pitch for various financial products. Although it can be challenging, a solid plan will help provide balance in your life. Imagine the satisfaction and peace of mind you’ll feel when you know that your finances are on track.

How we help

First, we’ll work with you to identify your goals. What do you want to achieve with your money in your life? Where are you at today? Also, what problems or barriers are there preventing you from reaching your goals?

Once we have a clear picture of your finances today, we’ll work with you to develop the right strategy for your unique situation moving forward, and alternative solutions to any problems we see. We put all our recommendations in writing, so there’s no ambiguity or confusion.

Finally, we’ll review and revise the plan with you on an ongoing basis to make sure your plan achieves your goals.

Contact us today and we’ll help you take control of your financial future.