In addition to our federal government seminars, we provide a wide range of workshops & seminars to other organizations.

Seminars can range from lunch & learn, to full day, to multiple day events.

Sample topics include:

Using Credit Wisely 

Dealing with debt is a reality for most Canadians.   Properly used, credit can enable us to own a home and assist with major purchases.  Overuse of credit can lead to financial difficulties and significant stress. Are you managing your credit wisely?

 Managing Credit and Debt

  • Using credit wisely
  • Cost of credit
  • Mortgages, lines of credit and other options
  • Understanding debt ratios
  • Recognizing danger signals
  • Tips for negotiating better rates
  • Understanding credit scores and maintaining good credit

 RRSPs and TFSAs Seminar

Another RRSP season is just around the corner.  TFSA limits are in the news and limits have been changed. 
Are you aware of RRSP and TFSA rules?  Are you making informed decisions about your finances?

Review of Your Savings and Investment Options:

  • RRSP and TFSA Fundamentals
  • Differences between RRSPs and TFSAs
  • Understanding tax brackets and your RRSP decision
  • RRSP maturity options and retirement income planning
  • Common planning mistakes

Wills and Estate Planning Fundamentals

Many Canadians are developing personal financial and retirement plans, but are often giving minimal attention to their estate plans.

  • How estate planning fits with your financial plan
  • The importance of securing good legal advice
  • Overview of Wills and Powers of Attorney
  • Living Wills
  • Other processes for transfer of assets:
    beneficiary designations and joint ownership
  • Common planning mistakes

Money Management Fundamentals Seminar

Money Management and Budgeting are an essential part of any financial plan.  Effective and disciplined money management will help ensure that your financial resources are being utilized efficiently in order to achieve your long-term financial goals.

Basic Financial Planning:

  • Understanding the planning process
  • The importance of planning goals and objectives

Managing Your Finances More Effectively:

  • Assessing your net worth
  • Tracking your income and expenses
  • Developing a realistic budget
  • Improving your savings
  • Tips on using credit wisely

Many other topics available on request!