All courses focus on the education, and personal and financial well-being of participants. All information will be presented from an unbiased perspective, with no product-specific material presented or marketed.

Pre-Retirement Workshop

Duration: Two to Three days

This course is designed for those employees within 10 years of retirement. The emphasis is on developing financial awareness and successful strategies to ensure a smooth transition to retirement.

You will learn and review:

  • Principles involved in sound financial planning
  • Personal and psychological aspects of retirement
  • How to organize, review and assess your retirement finances
  • Details of your workplace pension plan and related benefits
  • Details of Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security and other government programs
  • Tax planning and RRSP strategies
  • Savings and investment fundamentals
  • Will & Estate Planning

The above workshop can be modularized as either half or full day sessions.

Pre-Retirement Lifestyle Planning

Duration: Half day or full day

This course is designed for those employees within 10 years of retirement. The seminar focuses on the non-financial aspects of retirement that are crucial to ensuring a happy and healthy retirement.

You will learn to:

  • Assess your retirement readiness
  • Review personal and family goals and values
  • Plan for lifestyle changes and deal with retirement transitions
  • Identify your transferable skills and develop a retirement life plan

Basic Money Management

Duration: Half day

The focus of this session deals with the management of personal finances, including debt and credit issues. (Suitable for all ages, but targeted at younger employees.)

You will learn to:

  • Define your personal & family financial management objectives
  • Collect and analyze information related to your personal finances
  • Identify gaps and opportunities in your current financial situation
  • Implement cash flow management and budgeting
  • How to monitor and review your financial plans

Personal Financial Planning

Duration: Half day or full day

Learn the fundamentals of Financial Planning and begin to prepare a plan for a sound future. (Suitable for all ages, but designed for those in early-to-mid career.)

You will learn:

  • Principles of financial planning
  • The importance of developing and clearly communicating your financial goals
  • How to organize and assess your present financial situation
  • What to look for in a personal financial advisor
  • Strategies to achieve your financial objectives including:
    • Budgeting and cash management
    • Dealing with debt
    • Managing mortgage and housing costs
    • Reducing taxes
    • Investment fundamentals
    • Insurance issues
    • Wills and estate basics

Wills and Estate Planning

Duration: Half day

Learn the fundamentals of Estate Planning. (Suitable for all ages.)

You will learn:

  • Basic Will planning strategies
  • The importance of Powers of Attorney
  • Tax planning strategies
  • Other Will and Estate planning strategies, including beneficiary designations and trusts

Advanced Financial Planning

Duration: Full day

This seminar is designed for employees who have already established a basic financial plan and wish to learn more about financial planning strategies.

You will learn:

  • What a comprehensive financial plan is and what it can do for you
  • How to assess the work of your current financial advisor and how to assist them in working more effectively on your behalf
  • The importance of investment planning and managing risk
  • The psychology of markets and investing
  • Tax planning strategies
  • Other Will and Estate planning strategies, including beneficiary designations and trusts

Surviving Severance

Duration: Half day or full day

This workshop is designed for employer groups dealing with lay-offs and/or early retirement incentive programs. The emphasis is on the financial and emotional issues confronting individuals in these circumstances.

You will learn to:

  • Deal with the emotional impact of sudden job loss
  • Cope with uncertainty and regain control of your financial affairs
  • Focus on your immediate financial concerns (assessing your finances, managing debt, revising investment priorities, etc.)
  • Develop short-term financial strategies consistent with job seeking or early retirement

“Lunch & Learn” Series

Personal Financial and Retirement Planning sessions are available on a wide variety of topics. These sessions provide a broad overview of the subject matter and are a good lead-in to the full course offerings.

  • Family Money Management
  • Retirement Lifestyle Planning
  • Retirement Financial Planning
  • Dealing with the financial services industry
  • Government pension plans: CPP and OAS overview
  • Basic Tax and RRSP Planning
  • Wills and Estate Basics