We’ve developed a variety of workshops and seminars targeted to the needs of public and private sector organizations. These sessions are customized to the industry and sector of the employer, and are tailored to address the specific needs of each group of employees.

Financial education improves the bottom line

Without question, employees who believe that they are valued are more valuable. They have higher morale, and are more loyal to their employer, which translates directly into higher productivity, greater retention, and lower human resources costs. Financial education is a staff benefit that pays dividends to employer and employee alike.

Our Seminars

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Our seminars address all aspects of financial planning, with special focus on pre-retirement and retirement planning. The best employers recognize their responsibility to help employees transition into retirement in a positive, healthy way. Education, especially about money, can play an important role.

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Federal Government of Canada

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We have developed a new partnership to address your pre-retirement planning needs.
The Walz Robinson Group offers retirement courses and seminars, primarily in Western Canada.
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