This is the BEST course I have taken throughout my career at the Federal Government. Darryl’s knowledge level was impressive to say the least! If you have not booked him to facilitate all the Planning to Retirement courses in the region, I would strongly recommend that you do. He took the time to answer all relevant questions and kept the course on track. I have recommended it to all my coworkers.

The pre-retirement course is more personal development and not directly applicable to the work I do. However, it provides great rationale for staying the federal public service as we have an amazing pension plan if you put the years of service in. There no pre-reading but I think that the course would benefit if there was computers available so that we could go to the various sites together, especially the pension calculator and information on CPP. A lot of information to absorb in three days but enough to make you want to start doing some personal researching for yourself.

My knowledge on our benefits has increased alot. Prior to, I had minimum knowledge of what I would be eligible for and how to calculate what I may get. Now, I’m comfortable figuring out what I may get and understand the Pension Statement. Although I won’t use it in my day to day work, I have already discussed some of the information with my staff. I wish I would have had this knowledge when I first started working for the government.

They made a potentially dry subject vibrant. Thanks !

Very engaging. Funny and approachable. Great job! Extremely knowledgeable. Did not bring own opinions into learning, but did put forth options and benefits as applicable.

Darryl was able to engage us in a topic that could be very boring. His insights, sense of humor and pace kept the information interesting. All of the information was relevant and Darryl was very knowledgeable on the variety of topics presented. I will recommend this course to my colleagues.

Thank you for this opportunity. Even though this course could be seen as more of a personal benefit, I believe I’m happier in understanding my pension and benefits therefore, the workplace will benefit.

Very engaging and insightful. Clearly enjoys his profession and emits the excitement and dedication to his work. His desire to ensure everyone felt knowledgeable and confident to make good decisions and choices was evident. His grasp on the material was impressive. Highly recommended for all future Public Service Presentations.

Darryl is a top quality instructor who knows all about pensions and planning for retirement. What struck me as the most positive was that he was able to take what could be considered very dry material and make it interesting. He had my attention on all three days right from 8:30 a.m. through to the end of the day at 4:30 p.m. I think you would be hard pressed to find a better, more knowledgeable and experienced instructor. Thank you very much for a wonderful course where I can say with confidence that I learned a lot.

This course if very valuable as I plan on retiring in the next couple of years. It would also be valuable to younger people who are just getting into their careers in the public service so that they can get an appreciation of their pension and what they need to do for retirement planning.