At D. Robinson and Associates, we do things a bit differently.

Objective and unbiased

First, our focus in on process, not product. We are never going to sell you anything except the value of good advice. Our approach is to provide advice, share knowledge, and help you make decisions about your finances in a completely unbiased and objective way.

We aren’t tied to any product line nor do we earn commissions through sales. Our individual clients simply pay for the time required to review their financial affairs and develop an appropriate, workable, and effective plan.

This independent perspective is also important to our corporate clients. Corporations, government departments, unions, and other organizations investing in employee education are confident of our independent perspective and value the experience we bring to our seminars.

Serious fun

“Financial planning” and “fun” are words rarely seen together. It takes a skilled presenter with a solid knowledge base to make a financial planning seminar interesting, informative, and even enjoyable. Darryl Robinson’s approach to his audience – whether one person, or a hundred and one – is ¬†warm, welcoming, and personable. He has the depth of knowledge to take an intimidating topic and make it approachable and familiar, especially when combined with his easygoing presentation style and sense of humour.

This approach carries over to our individual financial planning clients too. Sure, financial planning is important, and making decisions about your money is serious. But good information will give you the confidence to make good choices, and you’ll see how much fun financial planning can be – we promise.

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