• Certified¬†Financial Planner.
  • Registered Financial Planner.
  • A counselor’s desire to help people.
  • A born teacher with a keen interest in personal financial planning.
  • A social worker’s perspective of human nature.
  • A sharp mind with an aptitude for numbers and technology.
  • A well-cultivated gift for public speaking.

This unique combination of aptitudes and expertise makes up Darryl Robinson.

Darryl’s experience in the fields of financial planning, education and counseling spans almost three decades. His unwavering ethics and impeccable reputation have allowed him to rise above the crowd in the highly competitive professions of both financial planning and public speaking.

Everyone at D. Robinson and Associates shares Darryl’s values of fostering positive change, continuous professional improvement, and building strong relationships. We share our expertise through financial planning seminars¬†and retirement workshops, individual financial planning, and at work through selected Employee Assistance Programs.

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