Watch for recurring expenses. Carefully read through your credit card statements, staying on the lookout for ongoing monthly fees for unused services, club memberships you don’t use and magazine subscriptions you don’t read. And duplicated charges can happen, so watch for those too.

Pay yourself first. If it seems like all the money you make falls straight through your fingers and gets sucked up by bills and other expenses, think hard about a reasonable amount you could start to view as yet another inflexible monthly bill. Could you handle one more $50 bill? How about a $200 bill? Even if you can only handle one more $15 or $20 bill, that’s better than nothing. Start squirreling that money away for yourself. You won’t notice the difference, and you can enjoy your discretionary income without guilt.

Decide where to put that “bill”. If you are confused by investment options, contact us! We can help you figure out how to make the most of your savings.

Okay, one more idea. Shed your credit card debt. Of course, the best way to avoid creating problems for yourself is to use your credit cards cautiously and sparingly, always being sure to pay the entire balance off in full and on time each month. However, if you’re already in a bind, look for lower interest cards or line of credit options that will allow you to pay off the balance more affordably.